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Now we can’t be friends

Coldplay video stand-ins
It’s been a few months since Crystal Castles released their second self-titled LP, but I’m still digging it. Just see the glowing review I wrote in the Georgia Straight when it first came out. On the other hand, I recently wrote an Exclaim! story about their apparent douchiness.

The album has plenty of moments of poppy sweetness; take a listen to the synth-dazzled “Not in Love,” a surprisingly gorgeous cover of a schlocky tune originally by Platinum Blonde. Now, the band has upped the prettiness even more by recording a version with the Cure‘s Robert Smith on vocals. Disintegration is one of my favourite records of all time, so this is pretty much perfect.

My neighbours are currently listening to the last track on Chad VanGaalen‘s Soft Airplane really loud, and it’s terrifying. I’d better crank up “Not in Love” and mellow out super hard.

MP3: “Not in Love (ft. Robert Smith)”
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