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Bruce Peninsula – “Into Your Light”

Bruce Peninsula
Tonight I was at a party and I called a girl “Allison” when her name was actually “Alissa.” I apologized, but I still feel bad. I added her on Facebook as an attempt to make amends.

Here’s Toronto collective Bruce Peninsula with the intricate, folk rocking “In Your Light,” which comes from this year’s Open Flames. This band has the most people in it. Early this year, I did an Exclaim! interview with frontman Neil Haverty, and we addressed his battle with leukemia..

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Forgotten plastic trucks

Everything you own in a box to the left
The Weather Station is a songwriting vehicle for Toronto’s Tamara Lindeman (a member of Bruce Peninsula). Below you can listen to the breathy, banjo-driven folk tune “Everything I Saw” from the upcoming All of It Was Mine. The song’s rustic, sunbaked sound is especially welcome now that summer seems to have finally arrived in Vancouver. Just think, it only took until the August long weekend to get hot.

Go to Exclaim! for the full album details.

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