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Mountains swallow up the sun

Caitlin Livingston behind the lens
A few nights ago, Brave Irene threw a release party for the record that contains my most-played song on iTunes. Only two of the five band members were in town, but they played through the entire eight-song mini-album (which is out now via Slumberland).

Here’s another great tune from that collection. It’s called “Longest Day,” and it’s a two-minute blast of peppy rhythms, catchy organs and charming indie pop melodies.

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Don’t be so cruel to me

Photo credit to Caitlin Livingston, Jaba credit to George Lucas
According to my iTunes, my most played song since I got my new computer in early October is “No Fun,” the first track off of Brave Irene‘s self-titled EP. I don’t think I can give any higher praise than that. I just want to listen to this song all the damn time.

It’s a melancholic pop tune that’s as upbeat as it is poignant, with noisy guitars waging a beautiful war against lovesick lyrics, bubbling organs and haunting vocal harmonies. Singer Rose Melberg (who I’ve written about here and here) sings about a relationship turned sour, declaring, “This kind of love is no fun.”

Go to Exclaim! to read my interview with Rose and keyboardist Caitlin Gilroy. Brave Irene will be out on March 15 via Slumberland.

MP3: “No Fun”
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