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Brasstronaut – “Opportunity”

Vancouver ensemble Brasstronaut just put out a free digital EP. The title track is “Opportunity” and it’s a dance-worthy electro cut that’s a departure from the band’s jazz and baroque-tinged past work (although this is still pretty jazzy).

I interviewed frontman Edo Van Breemen about the EP (and the impending sophomore LP) for Exclaim!, so check that out for more. Also, kudos to the band for coming up with a genuinely twisted promotional photo (see it to the left).

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Take the only road you know

Beach creatures
Last week, I wrote a feature about Brasstronaut for The Tyee in which I discussed at length just how awesome of a song “Hearts Trompet” is. The first half is nice jazzy pop tune, but it’s the sweeping second section that makes this one. This is triumphant enough accompany a victory montage at the end of a Hollywood boxing movie.

It comes from last year’s Mount Chimaera.

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I’m too dumb for that

I can always recognize Vancouver by the tankers
If you’re wondering how a polished jazz pop ensemble like Brasstronaut got signed to Unfamiliar Records, the same label that released rock fuzz duo JapandroidsPost-Nothing last year, the answer is simple: frontman Edo Van Breemen co-owns the label.

Clearly he’s got good taste in signings, so it’s not too much of a surprise that Van Breeman’s own band delivers the goods. The recently-released Mount Chimaera features eight solid piano pop tunes bolstered by jazzy horns and occasional rambling instrumental passages.

Opener “Slow Knots” is perhaps the least jazz-influenced of the lot, based primarily around chiming guitar arpeggios and moody keyboard flourishes. It’s a slow burner, starting as a hushed ballad before swelling to a mid-tempo rocker and ultimately morphing into a stark tribal jam with echoed shouts and mournful horns. It isn’t the kind of single that beats you over the head with its hooks, but give it time—it gets under your skin with repeat listens.

MP3: “Snow Knots”
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