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The children are running scared now

If only the groupie was a mechanic
By the sound of things, the members of Vancouver’s Black Wizard really like things that are Black: Sabbath, Mountain…even Jack, kind of. This is pure, old-school, head-banging, devil horns-raising blues metal.

“Long Way Home,” which opens the band’s self-titled album, is 6:22 long. Four-and-a-half minutes of that is intro, with half-time blues breakdowns, riff-driven rockouts, a “Sanitarium”-style cool-off and a punishing heavy metal explosion. When frontman Adam Grant finally starts singing, it’s with a stadium-sized howl, offering apocalyptic warnings about a red sky and falling ashes. These dudes probably love “Stairway to Heaven,” but only the last two minutes.

MP3: “Long Way Home”
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