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Chipped Hip 2010 Playlist

Does the blogosphere really need another year-end best-of list? I’ve decided no. Instead of ranking my favourites of 2010, I’m presenting this playlist of some of the songs that defined the past twelve months. This is by no means a definitive or exhaustive list, but it does cover some of my personal highlights of the year.

The tracks are presented in the same order as I originally wrote about them. The songs can be downloaded individually, or as a package right here.

The album cover was created by the awesome Mike Withers, who also designed this site. See a hi-res version here.

I’ve contributed to year-end roundups by Exclaim! and BeatRoute. I was also polled by i(heart)music and From Blown Speakers for their lists.

1. The Besnard Lakes – “Albatross” (MP3)
2. Indian Wars – “Carol Anne” (MP3)
3. Best Coast – “When I’m with You” (MP3)
4. Old Man Luedecke – “The Rear Guard” (MP3)
5. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Round and Round” (MP3)
6. Apollo Ghosts – “Things You Go Through” (MP3)
7. Sleigh Bells – “Rill Rill” (MP3)
8. Gigi – “The Hundredth Time” (MP3)
9. Puro Instinct – “California Shakedown” (MP3)
10. PS I Love You – “Facelove” (MP3)
11. Fine Mist – “Stop or Start” (MP3)
12. BARB – “Leo” (MP3)
13. Diamond Rings – “Something Else” (MP3)
14. Lower Dens – “Blue & Silver” (MP3)
15. Phosphorescent – “The Mermaid Parade” (MP3)
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