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Bend Sinister – “Give It a Rest”

Bend Sinister
Vancouver piano rock purveyor Bend Sinister is back with another EP, On My Mind, due out on March 6 through File Under: Music. Below, listen to the charmingly bombastic single “Give It a Rest,” which is as brash, theatrical, and Bend Sinister-y as always. If you liked the band’s past work, you’ll be pleased to note that not too much has changed.

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Leave it on your own two feet

Guys...I don't think we're all gonna fit
Most bands wait until after achieving commercial success to release a best-of album. Not Bend Sinister, however; the Vancouver indie rock outfit has released three albums, and while it has earned a strong local following, it is yet to achieve widespread recognition. Nevertheless, the five-piece has selected eight songs for a best-of compilation, which is currently being offered as a free download from the band’s website.

“Time Breaks Down” begins as a gentle ballad before suddenly bursting into a jaunty bounce that’s part Paul McCartney, part Ben Folds. This soon speeds up into a bizarre prog metal jig, with overlapping guitar solos that alternately duel and harmonize. It makes a compelling case to suggest that, by the next time Bend Sinister gets around to releasing a best-of collection, the band may have earned a larger audience.

MP3: “Time Breaks Down”
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