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DIIV – “How Long Have You Known?”

DIIV‘s Oshin is probably my favourite album so far this year that’s not by a Vancouver band, and it sounds especially awesome while walking the dog around the lake late at night. I reviewed Oshin for Exclaim! and also interviewed frontman Z. Cole Smith.

“How Long Have You Known?” is one of the album’s many echoing jangle pop delights. See the video for that track below.

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DIIV – “Doused”

It’s pretty predicable that I like DIIV, seeing as how it’s a buzzed about Beach Fossils spin-off that the blogs are eating up right now. Oh well. “Doused” is a pretty incredible slice of threatening, echo-laden jangle pop. Why fight it? The full-length Oshin comes out June 26 on Captured Tracks.


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I want to share bad times

Dude of left is not impressed
It’s snowing like hell. I just spent three hours getting to West Vancouver and back. Here’s the least seasonally appropriate song I can think of: Beach Fossils‘ “Calyer,” a jangly track that sounds like it washed up on shore on a glorious sunny day. With its bright guitar leads and warm wash of reverb, this one will make you long for summer.

I’ve said before that Beach Fossils sometimes get a little sloppy with their rhythms. Not this time.

This comes from the EP What a Pleasure, which I wrote about for Exclaim! last year.

MP3: “Calyer”
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All bent out of shape

Beardo, Hairguy and the other two
There’s lo-fi and then there’s just plain sloppy. Sometimes, Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils end up on the wrong side of that divide: “Daydream,” the sixth track off their self-titled debut, contains such arrhythmic beats that it’s tough to know how the guitars manage to keep up.

“Youth,” on the other hand, is a perfect introduction to the band’s summery jangle pop sound—mainly because the rhythm section actually keeps time. With its chiming, interweaving arpeggios and murky vocal harmonies, fans of Real Estate, Ducktails and Wild Nothing are going to be all over this shit.

When I, ahem, acquired the Beach Fossils album, there were no track numbers attached to the files. That meant that the songs ran in alphabetical order, and “Youth” was last. It turns out that it’s actually track two, which makes much more sense.

MP3: “Youth”
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