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Cool – Paint

Cool - Paint
Apollo Ghosts are dead! Long live Cool! I wrote about the band’s debut album, Paint, for Exclaim!, and it’s available to listen to below.


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Cool – “Blue”

Adrian Teacher
Last year, I cried when Apollo Ghosts broke up. Now, the band’s Arian Teacher and Amanda P. are back, along with drummer Shawn Mrazek — of the excellent Shawn Mrazek Lives! — under the name Cool.

Unlike Apollo Ghosts, Cool has a funky, Talking Heads-inspired sound with longer songs and more densely layered arrangements. I wrote about the band forExclaim!, and the video for “Blue” is below.

Update: my interview with the band has since been published.

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Apollo Ghosts – “Dobermans”

Apollo Ghosts
As I previously mentioned, Apollo Ghosts are calling it quits. It’s a total bummer, although it’s always nice to see a band go out on top without ever falling from grace. Right, Weezer? I interviewed singer Adrian Teacher about the band’s final show for the Georgia Straight.

Below is the first Apollo Ghosts song I ever fell in love with, “Dobermans.” Not coincidentally, it’s the first song from their first album, 2009′s Hastings Sunrise.

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Apollo Ghosts – “Nightwitch”

Apollo Ghosts
Yesterday, I picked up my vinyl copy of Apollo Ghosts‘ new single, “Nightwitch,” which is out through the Kingfisher Bluez singles series. I wrote about this for Exclaim! a few weeks back. I am putty in Apollo Ghosts’ hands.

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Apollo Ghosts – “What Are Your Influences?”

Apollo Ghosts
Lately, my life has had a whole lot of Apollo Ghosts in it. I wrote a cover story about them for BeatRoute, and last night I went to their LP release show. That excellent new album is called Landmark and it’s officially out on May 15 through You’ve Changed Records. The short but sweet opening track is called “What Are Your Influences?” and it’s below. “Wo-ho-hoo!”

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Apollo Ghosts – “American Joint”

Apollo Ghosts
Here’s another glorious dose of energetic, punkish, artfully damaged, life-affirming indie rock from Vancouver-based trio-turned-quartet Apollo Ghosts. “American Joint” is below.

Go to Exclaim! to read more about Landmark, which arrives on May 15 through You’ve Changed Records.

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Korean Gut – “Hard to Say”

Korean Gut
In addition to manning the bass in Apollo Ghosts, Jarrett Samson fronts the shit-kicking Vancouver outfit Korean Gut. Here’s the band’s scuzzy surf stomper “Hard to Say,” which is coming out through Student Loan Records on a split 7″ with Babysitter. This band is quickly becoming one of my new local favourites.

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The Lost Lovers Brigade – “All the Stars”

The Lost Lovers Brigade
My favourite local band has another spinoff band. Two members of Apollo Ghosts (Adrian and Jay) also play in a group called the Lost Lovers Brigade that has actually been around for longer than the more established project. But the Lost Lovers are only now releasing their debut album, Little Skeletons. Go to Exclaim! to learn more.

Below, listen to the reverb-drenched “All the Stars,” which could have been an upbeat rocker if it had a rhythm section. As a strummed ballad, it sounds a lot like Neko Case.

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Masterchef – “Canadian Palm”

How haven’t I posted this yet? Masterchef is an instrumental post-rock collaboration between two stellar Vancouver indie songwriters, Adrian Teacher of Apollo Ghosts and Alex Zhang Hungtai of Dirty Beaches. The duo released the album Mae Mae in the summer, and below you can hear the dreamy track “Canadian Palm.”

By way of background, Masterchef is the name of a restaurant in Vancouver’s Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood (where this blogger just so happens to live). It’s run by an old dude named named Tony (the album includes a song called “Uncle Tony Drinks Coffe”) and his wife, Mae Mae.

Go to Exclaim! to read more about the release. Kudos to Herohill for the picture.

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I don’t really love her, I really love her

I just blue myself
The last time I posted an Apollo Ghosts song, I complained that it had been a long time since I had heard from the band. That was only a week ago, so it’s safe to say that the wait has been a lot shorter this time around.

The band has shared its new 7″ for free online. Go to Exclaim! to read my article about the five-song collection, and see the totally bizarre artwork.

Below you can hear the song “Lightweight.” Holy shit! This one is dreamy and atmospheric while still being crunchy and catchy as hell. It’s got a series of repetitive refrains broken up by watery guitar lines and sweet falsetto harmonies.

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