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We beat our drums

Hanging in the supply closet.
I’m back from the UK! In the past two weeks I have:

-Seen seven bands live. The only one that was tolerable was a traditional Scottish duo called Duncan Mackinnon and Jock the Box.
-Sat on a train in the London Underground across from a guy wearing a Vancouver Voodoo jacket.
-Ridden the Harry Potter train and seen Platform 9 3/4.
-Watched two different documentaries about Banksy and seen two of his pieces in person.
-Consumed an unhealthy amount of Irn-Bru.

Before I left, I interviewed 41st and Home for the Georgia Straight. Listen to the band’s catchy, orchestral “Wilderness Eyes” below.

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Tear down this wall

Peak Performance warpaint
Here’s the latest from Vancouver chamber rock outfit 41st and Home. It’s called “Gorbachev,” and it comes from the forthcoming Raised by Wolves EP. Is this the beginning of a tend in Cold War-themed songs?

The song comes from the upcoming EP Raised by Wolves. Go to Exclaim! to read my article for more information.

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Change comes to all of us

Rustic shirts party
Vancouver’s got lots of pop bands and more than its share of punk and metal acts, but we don’t have much in the way of baroque rock. Where are all of our cellists and flugelhorn players?

41st and Home is an exception to the rule. Here’s the slow-building “Sleeper,” which swells from a folksy ballad to an orchestral crescendo. Now that Sufjan Stevens has gone electronic, you can get your baroque fix here. I get the funny feeling I’ve heard of a song called “Sleeper” before. (Inside joke, don’t worry about it.)

A while back, I reviewed the band’s show with City of Glass, Treelines and Jordan Klassen for BeatRoute.

MP3: “Sleeper”
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