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Lo-Fi Love – “Cheeze”

Lo-Fi Love
Way back in French 11, my teacher was the drummer in a funk rock band called Lo-Fi Love. One day in class, he showed us the music video the group had just filmed.

More than 10 years later, I finally found it online. It’s called “Cheeze” and the video is set at a wedding, so I suppose Valentine’s Day is an appropriate time to post it. Try serenading your boo with this song and watch his/her heart melt, probably.

If they still have any of those baseball caps (pictured) then I want one.

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Eating Out – “Burn”

Eating Out
Speaking of the Prism Prize, here’s the video for “Burn” by Daniel Pitout’s band Eating Out. The clip for this grunge anthem came out a few months ago, and — much like the subsequent video for “That’s My Man” — it captures a wistful sense of chemically clouded high school nostalgia. There’s also a scene at the ever-awesome Budgies Burritos here in Vancouver.

Naturally, this earned a spot on my Prism Prize ballot. (And “That’s My Man” is a lock for next year.)

Incidentally, I interviewed Eating Out member Mish Way for Exclaim! and she shed some light on her next album with White Lung.

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Washed Out – “All I Know”

Washed Out
I had never seen Washed Out live before this weekend, and I had expected him to be a bit of a wallflower — his recorded material is pretty woozy and sedate, after all — but I was pleasantly surprised by the high energy show at the Commodore.

I gave his most recent album, Paracosm, a mixed review for the Georgia Straight last year. Despite the LP’s limitations, “All I Know” is a hell of a jam.

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Chad VanGaalen – “Where Are You?”

Chad VanGaalen
The calendar of upcoming releases for this spring is already looking exciting, and here’s one of the most promising of the bunch: Chad VanGaalen just announced that he will issue Shrink Dust on April 29 through Flemish Eye/Sub Pop.

Below is the album cut “Where Are You?” In terms of VanGaalen’s catalogue, this falls on the eclectic indie rock side of the spectrum rather than the pretty folk of, say, “Willow Tree” or “Sara.” The video features more of his always-fantastic animations.


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Hollerado – “So It Goes”

I recently submitted my ballot for Canada’s music video award the Prism Prize. At the top of the list was the fantastic “So It Goes” by Hollerado from last year’s White Paint. It’s not so much a music video as it is a short film about singer Menno Versteeg’s grandfather and his incredible survival during World War II. It’s a gripping clip.

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Pusha T – “Numbers on the Boards”

Pusha T
This past Tuesday (January 28), Pusha T put on a great show at Venue in Vancouver. I’m belatedly loving his 2013 album My Name Is My Name at the moment, particularly “Numbers on the Boards.” Kanye West‘s stark production is wonderfully weird and it includes a bizarrely out-of-nowhere Jay Z sample. Meanwhile, Pusha gives Yeezy a tip of the hat by growling “gawd” towards the end of the song (à la “I Am a God”).

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The Courtneys – “Lost Boys”

The Courtneys - Lost Boys
Vancouver trio the Courtneys got mad famous from last year’s self-titled album — which I reviewed for the Georgia Straight last year — and now they’ve followed it up with a new single called “Lost Boys.”

It’s another scuzzy pop winner from the band, while the accompanying video looks to have been shot at Fright Nights at the PNE. The old lip-syncing-with-earbuds-in trick is a little tacky, but the clip otherwise captures the giddy energy of the track perfectly.

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Dum Dum Girls – “Lost Boys and Girls Club”

Dum Dum Girls
My favourite album of the year so far is the fantastic new LP from Dum Dum Girls, which is out today. I thought I might be burnt out on fuzzy, reverb-obsessed pop bands, but the melodies on Too True are undeniable.

I interviewed singer Dee Dee for Exclaim! (and also reviewed the album). The full interview will come out soon.

Below is the video for the album standout “Lost Boys and Girls Club.”

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Energy Slime – “Bustin’ Up”

Energy Slime
Prodigious Vancouver sludge-pop outfit Energy Slime has released a weird-ass music video for the weird-ass song “Bustin’ Up.” This may look a little familiar to fans of muscular local beefcake Jay Arner.

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Eating Out – “That’s My Man”

Eating Out
Eating Out is fronted by Daniel Pitout, a multi-talented musician who who plays drums in Nü Sensae and is a well-establisher actor and dancer, not to mention being an extremely eligible bachelor.

As good as he was in White Christmas, Eating Out’s new video for “That’s My Man” is my favourite thing he’s ever done. It’s a cinematic high school drama featuring someone who actually went to my high school soundtracked by a hauntingly minimal alt-rock ballad. Y’know how those new Pixies EPs suck? This doesn’t.

Eating Out also includes members of local favourites White Lung and Peace.

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