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Babe Rainbow – “Twin Peaks”

Babe Rainbow
The music video for Babe Rainbow‘s song “Twin Peaks” is billed as a “life hack,” although it’s actually a hilarious instructional video about something we all already know how to do. Learn how to cut an avocado and listen to the beautiful IDM tune below.

Falling Apart is due out on July 7.

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Mounties – “Tokyo Summer”

I got a puppy three weeks ago (look how cute this fucking thing is), which is why I’ve slacked off on blogging lately. But in an effort to get back aboard the blogging train (toot toot!), here’s the excellent “Tokyo Summer” by the Canadian supergroup Mounties. Since it’s hot and sunny here in Vancouver, this is very seasonally appropriate.

I reviewed the album Thrash Rock Legacy for Exclaim! and interviewed the band. “Tokyo Summer” is my favourite song from the record.

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The War on Drugs – “Red Eyes”

The War on Drugs
The War on Drugs‘ new album sounds almost exactly like Kurt Vile, which isn’t a coincidence, since Vile used to be in the band. “Red Eyes” is a psychedelic, synth-draped interpretation of classic heartland rock.

It comes from the excellent new album Lost in the Dream. It’s not my favourite album from 2014 so far, but it’s close.

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Jack White – “High Ball Stepper”

Jack White
I don’t get starstruck easily, but if I ever met Jack White, I’m pretty sure I’d flip my shit. Today, I wrote a news story for Exclaim! about his upcoming album Lazaretto. Not only am I excited for the music, I’m equally eager to see all the art and promotional materials that will go along with it.

A video for the instrumental cut “High Ball Stepper” is below. I’m intrigued…

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Kings of Leon – “Supersoaker”

Kings of Leon
Back in December, I was having a conversation with a friend about how much I enjoy arena shows. I resolved to start attending more arena gigs, as last night was my fifth since then. I reviewed Kings of Leon for the Georgia Straight, but the band’s showmanship was a little lacking.

Below is “Supersoaker,” which has a pleasantly Strokes-y guitar part.

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Against Me! – “Black Me Out”

Against Me!
I interviewed Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! for this week’s issue of the Georgia Straight.

The band is playing in Vancouver as I type this, but unfortunately I’m not able to make it to the show. As a consolation, I’m watching the video for “Black Me Out” from the recent album Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

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Tokyo Police Club – “Hot Tonight”

Tokyo Police Club
I interviewed Tokyo Police Club keyboardist Graham Wright about the band’s new album for Exclaim! a few months back, and Forcefield doesn’t disappoint. As promised, the choruses are absolutely massive.

It’s a far poppier record than we’re used to hearing from Tokyo Police Club, which is mostly a good thing. Case in point: the extremely catchy “Hot Tonight.”

The album is out on March 25.

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Real Estate – “Taking Backwards”

Real Estate
Every Real Estate album contains one incredible song and a bunch of pretty good ones. Last time around, it was “Green Aisles.” On the newly released Atlas, the incredible song is called “Talking Backwards.”

I saw these guys in Vancouver last week. It was good, since the band sounded exactly like what you would expect.

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St. Vincent – “Digital Witness”

St. Vincent
St. Vincent‘s new self-titled album is insane and awesome. I reviewed it for the Georgia Straight.

Below is the video for “Digital Witness.” Like I said, insane and awesome.

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Kevin Drew – “Good Sex”

Kevin Drew - Good Sex
I’ve written about Kevin Drew‘s new solo single, “Good Sex,” a couple of times for Exclaim!, and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. I wasn’t a big fan of Broken Social Scene‘s last couple of albums, but this song taps into the brilliance of You Forgot It in People, which is definitely promising for the upcoming Darlings.

Speaking of Broken Social Scene spin-offs, I interviewing Brendan Canning a few months back for the Georgia Straight.

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