Real Estate – “Taking Backwards”

Real Estate
Every Real Estate album contains one incredible song and a bunch of pretty good ones. Last time around, it was “Green Aisles.” On the newly released Atlas, the incredible song is called “Talking Backwards.”

I saw these guys in Vancouver last week. It was good, since the band sounded exactly like what you would expect.

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Khingfisher – Khingfisher

Khingfisher - Khingfisher
Traditional-sounding folk isn’t usually my thing these days, but Vancouver songwriter Khingfisher‘s acoustic tunes sound convincingly timeless without resorting to retro gimmickry.

Khingfisher is Craig Alan Mechler, who plays in Hallow Moon. I wrote about Khingfisher for Exclaim! and reviewed Hallow Moon in the Georgia Straight.

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Reef Shark – “Frozen Beaches”

Frozen Beaches
Back in 2009 or 2010, Reef Shark‘s single “Frozen Beaches” might have been lost amongst all of the other crunchy pop songs about the ocean. Those days have passed, meaning that this is a refreshing dose of catchy, spaced out rock. This tune is carried by Vancouver singer Devin Miller’s clear, confident and bang-on vocals.

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Cool – Paint

Cool - Paint
Apollo Ghosts are dead! Long live Cool! I wrote about the band’s debut album, Paint, for Exclaim!, and it’s available to listen to below.


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Dralms – Crushed Pleats

I reviewed Dralms‘ two-song mini-EP Crushed Pleats this week for the Georgia Straight. I also covered them briefly in a past concert review.

The atmospherically rocking Vancouver band is fronted by Christopher Smith.

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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Simple and Sure”

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Hmm. This isn’t what I expected from the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and the jury’s still out as to whether that’s a good thing or not. The new single is called “Simple and Sure,” and its pristinely slick sound is a departure from the group’s fuzzy past work. Is anyone else hearing a little bit of “Free Fallin’” in these chords?

This song will appear on the album Days of Abandon, which will be out on April 22. After this, I’m cautiously excited.

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Beck – “Waking Light”

Today is a big day for new releases. Not only is St. Vincent‘s awesome self-titled album out, but Beck‘s Morning Phase has dropped as well.

I’ve been a big fan of Beck for years, and I interviewed him for Exclaim!, with a longer piece to follow. I also reviewed the record.

The excellent closing track, “Waking Light,” is below.

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Fake Tears – “Night Box”

Fake Tears
Kellarissa‘s Larissa Loyva and the Lost Lovers Brigade‘s Elisha May Rembold have been performing together as Fake Tears for a while now, and they’ve finally put some of their music online.

“Night Box” is a dark synthpop track that sports dual microKORG synths and harmonized vocals. This is a fitting introduction to the pair’s darkly atmospheric sound, since it sounds like what I’ve come to expect from their live shows.

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St. Vincent – “Digital Witness”

St. Vincent
St. Vincent‘s new self-titled album is insane and awesome. I reviewed it for the Georgia Straight.

Below is the video for “Digital Witness.” Like I said, insane and awesome.

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Role Mach – Travels in the Interior Districts

Role Mach - Travels in the Interior Districts
Gal Gracen‘s Blue Hearts in Exile was one of the best Vancouver releases of 2013, and now frontman Patrick Geraghty’s long-running band Role Mach have unveiled an EP.

As I wrote about for Exclaim!, Travels in the Interior Districts is out in March. My favourite tracks are the reverb-swathed ballads, which sound a bit like Gal Gracen. Closing cut “Shanklin Down” is particularly brilliant.

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