Cloud Nothings – “Should Have”

Cloud Nothings
It’s that time of year again: I’ve begun compiling best-of-2011 lists for some of the publications I write for. One album that’s been ranking near the top of my lists is Cloud Nothings‘ self-titled LP, a record I didn’t even bother to blog about when it came out back in January.

Okay, so I’ve been a little slow on the uptake, but I’ve finally been won over by songwriter Dylan Baldi’s ecstatic slab of giddy pop punk. Here’s the album stand-out “Should Have,” which somehow makes me nostalgic about turn-of-the-millennium-era blink-182, even though I never really cared for that band at the time.

Go to Exclaim! to read what I wrote about Cloud Nothings’ next album, Attack on Memory, due out early next year.

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