Chad VanGaalen – “Never Cut My Hair”

Chad VanGaalen
As I wrote about for Exclaim!, Chad VanGaalen is releasing a whole whack of unheard albums on cassette. They will be available in limited quantities from the merch booth during shows. Unfortunately, he only just played in Vancouver earlier this month, so who knows if I’ll be able to pick them up. D’oh!

Below you can hear “Never Cut My Hair,” which appears on a collection of Diaper Island outtakes called Garbage Island #2 (yes, there’s also a Garbage Island #1). This is what Diaper Island might have sounded like if the whole thing had been heartfelt acoustic ballads.

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  1. Trissy
    Posted October 24, 2011 at 3:21 pm | Permalink

    Dig it. Not sure how into the full on rock album I am. I want a full album on TMNT mask esque tune personally

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