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MYTHS – “Prism Portraits”

Now that I work from home, sick days aren’t nearly as fun as they were when I was a kid. Because I just end up working anyway, except I feel like shit.

Here’s “Prison Portraits,” the new single from Vancouver electro noise duo MYTHS. It’s a shamanistic squall built out of white noise distortion, indecipherable screaming and computerized stabs of synths. This is the sound of the apocalypse.

Watch the music video below, which is fittingly spastic and terrifying. Tip of the hat to Winnie Cooper for this one.

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The Ruffled Feathers – “Blueprints for Our Failed Revolution”

In a film noir, probably
Vancouver locals the Ruffled Feathers are playing with Jennifer Castle and David Vertesi at Electric Owl on September 30. Below, you can hear the band’s lush piano pop number “Blueprints for Our Failed Revolution.” The lyrics are earnest, but the serious mood is lifted by the ascendant horns, which add some welcome levity to the proceedings.

Brush up on the other two performers here and here.

Also, I’m going to be switching to more straightforward post titles with the artist and the name of the song (as above), which should be easier to read and way less annoying to write.

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I’m not your friend

Again with the Disney
I don’t understand. If Wavves leader Nathan Williams is such a slacker pothead, how does he write such smart, hooky pop songs? “Nodding Off” comes from the upcoming Life Sux EP (due out September 20 through Ghost Ramp), and features a cameo from the like-minded Best Coast. Crap this is good.

I wrote an Exclaim! story about the band’s recent award show bender.

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If you move about then it’s a go

Float like a Buttefly
Shabazz Palaces leader Ishmael Butler was a bit of a tough interview, considering that the dude hates to be interviewed. But I think he had some interesting things to say. Go to the Georgia Straight to read the article.

Below, check out “Swerve… The reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)” from this year’s Black Up. Butler is clearly a smart guy, so I’m guessing that the misspelling of “reaping” is intentional.

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Your arms wrapped ’round my waist

Picture stolen from Music Trader
Holy crap! I think the Magician and the Gates of Love went crazy! The new single “I Want It All” has a ton going on, from ascendant big band horns to bouncy cabaret pop and even a brief classical guitar break. There are glorious climaxes and mellow comedowns, all of which channel a joyful lust for life. It’s brash and catchy, and I dare you to listen to this without a massive smile on your face.

Download it over at Bandcamp.

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You crashed into me

Ghosting your dreams
Spectrals is the solo alias of British songwriter Louis Jones. He’s signed to Slumberland, so is it really any surprise that he offers up hummable slices of retro pop goodness? Below, listen to the crackly gem “Big Baby.”

This comes from the forthcoming album Bad Penny. Go to Exclaim! to learn more.

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Men who speak and follow through

Will Currie and the Collared Shirts
Long weekend! In the last three days I have:

-Turned 26.
-Seen five deer and two grizzly bears. Five of them were wild, two of them weren’t. Guess which ones.
-Had my backpack (containing a hoodie and iPod) stolen.
-Gone up that crazy wind turbine on Grouse Mountain.
-Seen Richard III at Bard on the Beach.
-Written a blog post about “Tommy Douglas,” a peppy and patriotric piano pop tune by Will Currie and the Country French. You’re reading it. Go to Exclaim! for more.

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Will you leave me?

Paint-spattered camera lens
Vancouver troubadour Adrian Glynn will release Bruise on September 6 through Light Organ. Below, listen to the folksy single “Blue Belle Lament.” This ghostly, mournful cut boasts an arrangement that is simultaneously lush and rustic, pairing balalaika strums with spectral harmonies, lap steel licks and odds ‘n’ sods percussion. This is an impressively inventive take on timeless folk.

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