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It was a really fucking comfortable couch
One of my favourite artists of 2010 has just announced a new album. The Drums will drop Portamento on September 12 via Island (in the UK, at least). Overly self-aware new wave aping aside, I still listen to the band’s self-titled debut a lot, so I’m pretty jazzed about this.

I wrote an Exclaim! story when the title leaked. Now, the single “Money” is here. It’s a little darker and more atmospheric than the band’s past work, but it’s still a buoyant and blissful pop tune, mainly thanks to the fact that it’s about a million BPM (give or take a few). It’s filled with gorgeous production touches: the synth plunks during the intro, the percussive vocal gasps, the cavernous kick drum at 2:21. I love this!

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