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Actually looks kind of messy
Last night was a late one. I did another overnight concert review for the Georgia Straight, this one featuring Keep Tidy, the Boogieman and Blanche Devereaux.

All of the bands were good, especially headliner Keep Tidy. I’m not sure the recordings quite do justice to just how awesome frontwoman Shmoo Ritchie is live, but nevertheless, the frenetic punk rager “Simpsons Quotes” is below. Her voice is nuts, so brace yourself. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to catch any quotes from The Simpsons in this one.

Download the free Basement Mold EP from Bandcamp. If you’ve got a low attention span then you’re in luck, since this has seven songs in eight minutes. Incidentally, if the name Shmoo Ritchie sounds familiar, it’s likely because she used to play bass in the Organ.

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