I never meant to cause you pain

Jumping from a tiny crane
As I write this, I’m sitting in the brilliant sunshine on the front porch of a farmhouse in rural Langley, BC. From where I sitt, I can see two horses and four dogs. Beside me, there are faint blood stains on the wooden boards from where I cracked my head open on the overhang next to the door. It’s pretty spectacular, except for the blood stains.

Here’s a lovely track by Montreal songstress Little Scream. While much of her recently-released The Golden Record (out now via Outside) is made up of ethereal, St. Vincent style rock, “The Heron and the Fox” is a relatively straightforward folk track. Okay, there’s a little more reverb than you’d expect from an acoustic ballad, but it’s still relatively stripped down.

Go to Exclaim! to read my preview of The Golden Record.

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