I love you as much as I always said I did

This morning I had a revelation. Without my realizing it, I think R.E.M. has become my favourite band. I never got obsessed with them in the say way I have, say, the White Stripes or Belle & Sebastian. But while my love of other bands has fluctuated, I’ve been a consistent fan of R.E.M. since before I even cared about music. One of my earlier musical memories is my parents explaining to me that the song “Orange Crush” was about the Vietnam War.

I was a massive fan of 2008′s Accelerate, so I’m pretty jazzed about the new Collapse into Now, which drops next week. Go to Exclaim! to listen to a stream of the new album accompanied by a writeup by yours truly. Follow the links from that story to read some of the numerous stories I’ve written about R.E.M. in recent months.

Click on the stream below to hear the track “Discoverer.” How is it that a band entering its fourth decade is still this fucking good? I love this song.

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