She was just seventeen

Doesn't look dirty to me
When I recently posted the new track by Dirty Beaches, I wrote that songwriter Alex Zhang Hungtai used to be based in Vancouver but moved to Montreal. Well, someone recently told me that he has moved back to Vancouver. Can anyone confirm of deny? His MySpace lists his location as East Vancouver, so he could be my next door neighbour for all I know.

Pitchfork has picked up on his upcoming album, Badlands, which means that a new track has been cleared for download. It’s called “Sweet 17,” and it’s a lot more ominous than the title makes it sound. Over a threatening blues groove, our protagonist (I’m going to start referring to singers this way) mumbles and yelps like Elvis on drugs (oh wait). The only real switch-up comes at the 1:32 mark, when a feedback-laden guitar solo floats into the mix. It scarcely has any notes, as it mostly consists of amorphous, reverb-soaked noise.

I think I prefer the gentle stuff, but this is cool too.

MP3: “Sweet 17″
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