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The bull and him
Toro y Moi (aka Chaz Bundick) has already tried his hand at chillwave and garage rock. On his latest song, he’s entered funkier, more dance-y territory. The track is called “Still Sound,” and it’s made up of bouncing basslines, breathy falsettos and glittering synths. It’s got all the elements of a winning pop song: a tight groove, a verse that sets the mood for a infectious chorus. But there’s also an extended instrumental bridge that takes up almost half the song, as an electric piano noodles aimlessly while Bundick sighs wordlessly.

I wrote about Toro y Moi’s upcoming album, Underneath the Pine, for Exclaim! (twice). Let’s hope the rest of the disc lives up the standard of this first single.

MP3: “Still Sound”
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