Did any other man frig you?

Hip-hop, straight up
We are here and it’s now. This is a thing that’s actually happening. Vancouver jangle punks Apollo Ghosts have recorded an experimental hip-hop song using words taken from James Joyce’s personal (and extremely sexual) letters to his wife Nora.

The rhythm section lays down a steady groove while frontman Adrian Teacher makes his way through a series of paranoid and pornographic questions, found sound clips and string samples flickering in the background. At 5:56, it’s nearly twice the length of any other track that the band has previously released, and it culminates in an extended jam, with the instruments engulfed in a swirl of samples.

In other words: what the fuck? It’s the last thing you’d expect from Apollo Ghosts, but it’s great.

There are only 20 copies left of the magnificent Mount Benson, which are being sold for just $5 a pop over at MySpace.

MP3: “Dirty Letters to Nora”
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