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Blown away as a fine mist
The last time I wrote, I had the flu. Just as I was starting to get better, my computer got a sympathy illness and broke. Now I have a new one and I’m ready to get back on the blogging train.

Here’s another song from Vancouver synthpop duo Fine Mist. “Murder Murder” is the only track on the new LP, Public Domain, that contains real drums. While it begins with the usual electro beats and synth accompaniment, it culminates in a multi-kit drum circle, including a contribution from Japandroids drummer David Prowse.

I’ve written about Fine Mist a few times lately. I did a profile for The Tyee, included a mini-review in my coverage of Olio Festival for Exclaim!, and spoke with both members briefly for the Georgia Straight.

MP3: “Murder Murder”
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