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Trying to hide his soul patch
You know the drill: Sufjan Stevens releases a song, everybody goes crazy. This one’s worth the hype. It’s called “Too Much,” and it’s an electro-infused update on this previous live song (which was already pretty electro to begin with). The chorus is catchy enough to be a pop radio hit, but Sufjan messes it up (in a good way) with his squiggly electro freakouts. This is easily Sufjan’s most successful attempt to break out of his baroque folk box.

It comes from his upcoming LP, The Age of Adz. Go to Exclaim! to read the article I wrote when it was first announced.

MP3: “Too Much”
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    [...] which swells from a folksy ballad to an orchestral crescendo. Now that Sufjan Stevens has gone electronic, you can get your baroque fix here. I get the funny feeling I’ve heard of a song called [...]

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