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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: PS I Love You is the Canadian band to watch in 2010. Meet Me at the Muster Station is due out on October 5 via Paper Bag, so get ready to be rocked.

Here’s that album’s apocalyptic standout “2012.” I’m only guessing about the apocalyptic part, since it’s pretty much impossible to tell what frontman Paul Saulnier is singing; he yelps and moans like Spencer Krug, his voice buried beneath thundering drums and fuzzy guitars that are as atmospheric as they are noisy. I do know he says “fuck it” a bunch of times.

The comparisons with this band are easy: Wolf Parade and Japandroids are going to keep coming up, and for good reason. But that doesn’t matter, ’cause this album is right up there with Apologies to the Queen Mary and Post-Nothing.

MP3: “2012″
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