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Mickey Mouse or Looney Tunes, which is it going to be?
When I started writing about music, my first goal was to write for the Georgia Straight. This week, I wrote the lead feature in the music section, so I’m pretty chuffed. Bucket list? Check. (I’ve written for the Straight before, but never the lead feature.) It’s an interview with Wavves, which was a memorable conversation to say the least. Read the article here.

Here’s a demo of the album standout “Mickey Mouse,” a catchy, agoraphobic jam that sounds like Panda Bear. Band leader Nathan Williams posted it on his blog last year; listening to it again now, I realize how similar it sounds to the version that ended up on King of the Beach. In fact, I think it might be the same recording, just edited and given a little extra studio sheen. At 5:31, this is over a minute-and-a-half longer than the album cut, and the extra time doesn’t add anything new to the mix. Still, it’s interesting to hear just how similar the demo and the final version are.

MP3: “Mickey Mouse”
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