He’s such a fancy actor

1st annual Leonardo DiCaprio convention
Today in news that makes me realize that my life isn’t all that bad: NY Daily News reports that a traffic jam in China has lasted for nine days, and is expected to last for a month. “Yeah, hi boss. The traffic’s bad today, I might be a little late. Maybe September 15-ish?”

Today in music that makes me realize that my life is actually pretty good: eclectic New Zealand-based pop collective BARB will release its debut album tomorrow. Here’s the single “Leo,” a fanboy tribute to Leonardo DiCaprio. Its angular beats and quirky pop hooks recall Menomena, while the lyrics are closer to something you might find on this website. Go to Exclaim! to read my article about the BARB’s new album.

Oh hey, looks like I’m almost as famous as Leo.

MP3: “Leo”
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