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My doppleganger
Everyone should listen to Vancouver multi-instrumentalist Jay Arner. To make things easier, I have broken my argument down into three parts:

1) He plays synth in Fine Mist. I recently posted the band’s awesome new single.

2) He writes stellar solo songs and posts them for free on his blog. Here’s the soaring “Uncoverers,” which comes from the digital EP Bird of Prey (download the four-song collection here). It features Jay Ferguson from Sloan on backup vocals.

3) He a lot like me. Seriously. Here’s me. Here’s him.

MP3: “Uncoverers”
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  1. By Is this acrylic or oil? on January 13, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    [...] laden with sparkling synths, psychedelic harmonies and triumphantly stomping beats. If you dug his previous solo work, this one is sure to hit the spot too. Also, the song has a reference to West Vancouver. I grew up [...]

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