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A million ships just sailing away

Narcs! Get them!
Just like yesterday, I’m sitting on the floor, surrounded by boxes of my stuff. This time, however, I’m in a different house. I know my move probably isn’t interesting to anyone but myself, but it needs to be said—moving in the rain the worst! Thanks a lot, meteorology.

Here’s the new single by the War on Drugs. It’s part acoustic heartland rock, part dream pop, and sounds a bit like Tom Petty on the beach. Head to Exclaim! to read my story about the band’s upcoming upcoming EP.

MP3: “Comin’ Through”
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I want you back underneath my skin

Lying on the grass or standing by a bush?
I’m moving tomorrow, so I don’t have time to write much. I’m currently sitting on the floor in my bedroom and eating fries directly out of the pan, since I already packed the plates and I’m trying to finish all of the frozen McCain Superfries.

I’ve got to get back to packing the rest of my crap, so without much preamble, here’s the latest single by No Age. Still punk, still experimental…yup, it’s No Age. Everything in Between, which is a really good name for an album, comes out on September 28.

MP3: “Glitter”
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A hunter for a lonely heart

Sorry, I was wrong
I hereby renounce anything bad I’ve ever said about Beach House. Yesterday I saw the band along with Vampire Weekend and Dum Dum Girls, and all three acts totally rocked it. I had been listening to Teen Dream leading up the show, and totally fell in love.

Most people who are interested in Beach House probably know this song already, what what the hell: here’s “Norway.” It comes from Teen Dream, and it’s characteristically moody and atmospheric, mixing lush guitar jangle with tinny keyboards and breathy harmonies.

Go to Exclaim! to read my review of yesterday’s show. Also check out my article about Vampire Weekend’s $2 million lawsuit.

MP3: “Norway”
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I’m a killjoy

Come on, vogue
If you’re in Vancouver on September 5, be sure to check out Victory Square Block Party. It’s free, and features a killer lineup including the Pack a.d., Apollo Ghosts, Makeout Videotape, Sex Church and more.

Here’s the latest single from the Pack a.d., “B.C. Is on Fire.” It comes from this year’s we kill computers, and trades in the band’s usual fuzzy blues punk mayhem for a wash of atmospheric tremolo and hypnotic tribal drums.

If you’re not in Vancouver, you can check out the band on tour this September. Head over to Exclaim! to read my article and see the dates.

MP3: “B.C. Is on Fire”
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Where will you be?

Probably the sauciest smile I've ever seen on the right
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: PS I Love You is the Canadian band to watch in 2010. Meet Me at the Muster Station is due out on October 5 via Paper Bag, so get ready to be rocked.

Here’s that album’s apocalyptic standout “2012.” I’m only guessing about the apocalyptic part, since it’s pretty much impossible to tell what frontman Paul Saulnier is singing; he yelps and moans like Spencer Krug, his voice buried beneath thundering drums and fuzzy guitars that are as atmospheric as they are noisy. I do know he says “fuck it” a bunch of times.

The comparisons with this band are easy: Wolf Parade and Japandroids are going to keep coming up, and for good reason. But that doesn’t matter, ’cause this album is right up there with Apologies to the Queen Mary and Post-Nothing.

MP3: “2012″
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Everything but the truth

Someone reissue this band!
I normally reserve this blog for new stuff, but I just noticed that Slumberland is offering some free MP3s from Velocity Girl and I couldn’t resist posting one.

Here’s “Forgotten Favourite” (which, come to think of it, is a pretty appropriate way to describe Velocity Girl). It’s a blissfully rocking dream pop tune with all the touchstones you’d expect from a band that shared members with Black Tambourine: searing fuzz, buried vocals and blatant Anglophilia.

MP3: “Forgotten Favourite”
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He’s such a fancy actor

1st annual Leonardo DiCaprio convention
Today in news that makes me realize that my life isn’t all that bad: NY Daily News reports that a traffic jam in China has lasted for nine days, and is expected to last for a month. “Yeah, hi boss. The traffic’s bad today, I might be a little late. Maybe September 15-ish?”

Today in music that makes me realize that my life is actually pretty good: eclectic New Zealand-based pop collective BARB will release its debut album tomorrow. Here’s the single “Leo,” a fanboy tribute to Leonardo DiCaprio. Its angular beats and quirky pop hooks recall Menomena, while the lyrics are closer to something you might find on this website. Go to Exclaim! to read my article about the BARB’s new album.

Oh hey, looks like I’m almost as famous as Leo.

MP3: “Leo”
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From green to blue

Fuck off, I'm trying to take a leak
It’s reprehensible that, as a Vancouver-based music blog, I haven’t written about Teen Daze yet. The city’s new local favourite has been getting some solid press lately thanks to notable remixes (Yeasayer, Local Natives, Twin Sister) and blog-friendly chillwave tunes.

Here’s “Saviour,” a gauzy, reverb-hazed track from his new EP, Four More Years. It sounds a lot like Washed Out, with chilled out beats and a wash of soothing harmonies that are so heavily effected, they can be difficult to distinguish from the instruments. With lots of natural imagery (trees, sunshine) and heartfelt romance (“I need to be with you”), this an awesomely blissful late-summer swoon.

His music has been picked up big American sites, but kudos to Teen Daze for going with the Canadian spelling on this one.

MP3: “Saviour”
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Can you give me higher connection?

California dreaming
Summer’s pretty much done. I mean, it’s still August, but the weather here in Vancouver has turned chilly, and it’s starting to feel more like fall.

For those still in denial, here’s the latest from Eternal Summers. It’s a sleepy Sunday morning jam and it comes from a free compilation by BEKO. Download it below and mourn the passing of time. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may and all that shit.

I found this one on Gorilla vs. Bear. Go here to read my past blog on Eternal summers.

MP3: “Pure Affection”
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I never wanna leave home

Mickey Mouse or Looney Tunes, which is it going to be?
When I started writing about music, my first goal was to write for the Georgia Straight. This week, I wrote the lead feature in the music section, so I’m pretty chuffed. Bucket list? Check. (I’ve written for the Straight before, but never the lead feature.) It’s an interview with Wavves, which was a memorable conversation to say the least. Read the article here.

Here’s a demo of the album standout “Mickey Mouse,” a catchy, agoraphobic jam that sounds like Panda Bear. Band leader Nathan Williams posted it on his blog last year; listening to it again now, I realize how similar it sounds to the version that ended up on King of the Beach. In fact, I think it might be the same recording, just edited and given a little extra studio sheen. At 5:31, this is over a minute-and-a-half longer than the album cut, and the extra time doesn’t add anything new to the mix. Still, it’s interesting to hear just how similar the demo and the final version are.

MP3: “Mickey Mouse”
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