She said she loves me

Death from above, Ty Segall style
Other former lo-fi favourites have embraced more polished studio sounds as of late, but Ty Segall is sticking to his guns. His new album, Melted, is a stellar slab of fuzz, with retro garage pop songs fleshed out by the occasional synth or flute solo.

The album’s single is “Girlfriend,” which wouldn’t have been my first choice (that would be “My Sunshine”—holy crap) but it’s nevertheless the solid tune. With his sneering vocals and roaring guitar distortion, Segall somehow manages to turn a love song into a taunt. Just when you think you’ve got it worked out, a one-note piano solo enters at 1:41, giving an expected touch of quirk to this summery rocker.

MP3: “Girlfriend”

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