Je ne sais pas

Quoi le hell?
The new Stereo Total album is genuinely twisted. It’s called Baby Ouh!, and it’s basically one extended WTF moment. Head over to Exclaim! to read my review.

Here’s the title track, which is relatively tame compared to some of the album’s other songs (there are seventeen tracks in total—yikes). Still, it’s got some pretty goofy synth action and singer Françoise Cactus sounds like a bit of an oddball even when she’s singing in her native French. If I had paid attention during high school French, maybe I would know what this was about. Sorry Mme. Leidl.

Whether or not I like it mostly depends on my tolerance for in-your-face abrasiveness. If I’m overworked and my nerves are frayed, this could easily be the thing that puts me over the edge.

MP3: “Baby Ouh”
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