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I didn't have Bethany pegged as a cat lady
Will Best Coast hurry up and release an LP already? It’s been great listening to Bethany Cosentino’s string of awesome singles over the past year, so I’m getting impatient to hear her punkish girl group pop in installments of longer than three minutes at a time.

Her latest single is a digital-only split with Japandroids, which has been released as a free download via Saucony. The song is called “This Is Real” and it was previously released as the B-side to “When I’m with You.” It checks off all of the usual Best Coast boxes: fuzzy, catchy, romantic.

You can download the song below, or head over to Saucony to check out Japandroids’ contribution as well. The Vancouver duo covered McLusky’s “To Hell with Good Intentions,” although singer Brian King’s campy delivery means that it sounds more like the B-52s.

MP3: “This Is Real”
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