I treated you bad

Bethany looks kind of like my friend Kate (I look nothing like Bobb)
A similar set of descriptors can be applied to pretty much everything Best Coast has released so far: scuzzy, distorted, catchy. The band’s latest single, “Far Away,” is no exception, pairing a thundering beat with sunny melodies and a wash of cavernous reverb. It’s a little less muddy than the group’s previous output, however; the drums are punchier, and the reverb sounds intentional, rather than as the result of a poorly sound-proofed room.

“Far Away” is backed the with the brooding, ’90s-rocking “Everybody’s Gone.” If you want a hard copy of the 7″, you’re going to have to get it as a freebie when you buy a pair of Eskuché headphones. Let’s hope Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno get their act together soon and release that full-length we’ve all been waiting for.

MP3: “Far Away”
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