The burden of your blues

Touring the Victorian museum
A few days ago, I was waiting at the bus stop and listening to Basia Bulat‘s new album, Heart of My Own. A guy standing next to me was also listening to his iPod and I guess he got a little too into the music, because he started doing a slinky hip-hop dance. He would have looked like an idiot were it not for the fact that his slow-motion dance was strangely perfect for Bulat’s eerie, pastoral folk songs.

“Go On” kicks off the album with simple guitar strumming and a drum-heavy arrangement that rises and falls several times before finally exploding just after the one-minute mark. Mostly, though, it’s all a vehicle for Bulat’s high, warbling vibrato. It’s an acquired taste, but if you got used to Joanna Newsom, you can get used to this.

When you’re listening to it, try imagining a guy doing a campy hip-hop dance to it. Pretty awesome, right?

MP3: “Go On”
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