She’s mumbling in Latin

The staring contest got out of hand
When I was in university, I had a big Holy Fuck sticker on my binder. Pretty badass, right? I wasn’t the kind of university student you took home to meet your mom and dad on reading week. I picked it up for free at a show, although I actually missed the band’s set (on two separate occasions, both opening for Wolf Parade).

Holy Fuck has a new album, Latin, coming out on May 11 via Young Turks. The first single is the kind-of title track “Latin America,” which begins with 8-bit electronics before acoustic drums and piano kick it into overdrive. It’s a bit too creepy to be a genuine dancefloor-filler, but its hypnotic groove means that it would probably make for the best video game soundtrack ever. I feel like playing Gran Turismo, and I don’t even like racing games.

MP3: “Latin America”
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