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SOS: Shorts On Stage
There’s an inside joke among some of the writers at BeatRoute: I really, really love Apollo Ghosts. I guess that doesn’t sound like a very funny joke. You had to be there!

With the upcoming release of Apollo Ghosts sophomore LP, Mount Benson, my love of the Vancouver trio is reaching new heights. The album is packed with catchy jangle punk gems, none of which are catchier or janglier than the lead single, “Things You Go Through.” With its chiming guitar licks and pulsing rhythm section, it sounds pretty much like any song from R.E.M.’s I.R.S. catalogue played at ten BPMs faster. (WTF is with all the three-letter acronyms? LOL!) It’s the lyrics that make this song great, as frontman Adrian Teacher lists off adolescent memories about water fights, thrift stores and speeding tickets. Like most great pop songs, it all comes back to love, as he reflects, “Yeah, I remember the girl / Yeah, she remembers you too / You’ve gotta remember the things you go through.”

Mount Benson comes out on March 31. Last year’s Hastings Sunrise LP sold out completely, so be sure to buy one before they’re all gone. Seriously, this album fucking kills.

MP3: “Things You Go Through”
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