Cruisin’ with J.T.

File under: adolescent jangle pop
There have been a handful of successful adolescent indie rockers over the past few years—Smoosh, Marshall Verdoes of Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band—but they’ve always come across as a bit gimmicky. Without the tunes to backup the hype, their youth tends to become the primary draw, as audiences speculate how much better they will be with a few more years’ experience.

Thankfully, in the case of Pearl Harbor, the fact that guitarist Skylar Kaplan is only 14 is merely incidental to the plot; the real story here is that the group’s infectious jangle pop is as catchy as it is blissfully dreamy. Skylar and her older sister, Piper, sound like seasoned popsmiths on “Luv Goon,” a hazy gem with chiming guitars and sighing harmonies aplenty. Its hard to make out all of the lyrics from behind the pillowy reverb, but I’m pretty sure I just heard “Cruisin’ with J.T. / In a back stretch limousine.” Listen to this one while you’re crisping on the beach in three months time.

MP3:Luv Goon”
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