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I love Little Girls? Little Girls are awesome? There's really no good way to say it.
Confession: I don’t like Beach House. Sure, the songs are pretty, but nothing about it sticks with me or provokes any sort of emotion. Listening to Teen Dream, I feel nothing. I call it the Grizzly Bear Effect.

On the other hand, I love Little Girls. (Why do people always look at me funny when I say that?) The Toronto band began as the home recording project of multi-instrumentalist Josh McIntyre, and has since evolved into a four-piece touring lineup. McIntyre and former guitarist Andrew Wilson recently a recorded a version of the Teen Dream track “10 Mile Studio,” and McIntyre posted it to his blog.

I’m still not crazy about the tune itself—it is Beach House, after all. But it’s interesting to hear this cover because, unlike everything Little Girls have ever done before, it’s not completely fuzz-garbled. Despite the cavernous reverb, this sounds practically crystalline compared to last year’s Concepts.

Halfway through, the distortion kicks in—and, not coincidentally, the song immediately gets much better. Still, this is a unique chance to hear Little Girls try something a little different.

MP3: “10 Mile Stereo”
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