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The New PornographersTogether is a make-or-break album for the band. After three discs of brilliance, the outfit’s most recent release, 2007′s Challengers, was a hit-and-miss affair. Then, last year, frontman A.C. Newman released the disappointingly pedestrian Get Guilty, which was weighed down by unremarkable acoustic ballads.

Thankfully, “Your Hands (Together)” gets back to the business of rocking, with bombastic loud/quiet verses and an urgent call to “put your hands together.” As usual with Newman’s lyrics, it’s tough to know what the hell he’s singing about; the chorus includes a line about a “silver bullet,” so I’m going to guess it’s either about werewolves or Coors Light.

Then again, it’s catchy and upbeat, so who really cares what it’s about. With its triumphant harmonies and thundering drums, this is what makes the New Pornographers great. Best of all, the bridge gives Neko a chance to take the lead on an upbeat song. (Anyone else notice that she had been relegated to the ballads on the past couple of albums?) We’ll find out whether the rest of the album lives up to the single on May 4.

MP3: “Your Hands (Together)”
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