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Someone get Jasmin a box to stand on
My first-ever interview was with Mother Mother for an article in the Skinny (the piece is no longer online). I spoke with singer Ryan Guldemond for 45 minutes for a concert preview that was maybe 400 words. Sorry for wasting your time, dude.

More recently (this week), I wrote an article about the band for the Tyee. It’s not an interview, but check it out if you’d like to witness me fellate the band with words. Because seriously, Mother Mother is fucking great.

“Body of Years” is one of the more straightforward songs in the group’s catalogue, with a Pixies-style bass groove and a hummable, uplifting melody. It ends in a pretty sweet guitar jam, but you should also seek out some of the group’s more boundary-pushing songs like “Hayloft” and “Verbatim.”

MP3: “Body of Years”
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