I must have done something wrong

Not running anywhere, apparently
Dear Vivian Girls,

You ladies have lots of great songs, but could you please play “Where Do You Run To” live? I know that the song was written by Frankie Rose, who isn’t in the band anymore, but I doubt that most audience members would even notice. And that song is such a fucking jam! Surf guitar licks, shoegaze fuzz and girl group hooks make me happy.



PS: Read my review of Vivian Girls’ recent “Where Do You Run To”-less show at the Biltmore over at Exclaim!.

PPS: Click below to download “He’s Gone,” the group’s lovely new Chantels cover. It’s mostly a cappella, and appears as the B-side to the band’s new “My Love Will Follow Me” single, due out this month via Wild World.

MP3: “He’s Gone”
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