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Wikipedia has 23 listings for different songs that all share the name “Crazy.” As well as the still-ubquitous Gnarles Barkley song, other notable artists to pen tracks called “Crazy” are Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Supertramp and Kevin Federline, who totally stole the idea from Britney Spears. Does the world really need another song with the same title?

Apparently yes, since “Crazy” is the latest single by Vancouver garage blues duo the Pack a.d. It’s a solid entry in the “Crazy” canon, featuring a chugging fuzz rock groove straight out of “The Hardest Button to Button.” With singer Becky Black’s echoed vocals and falsetto leaps, it’s one of the group’s more melodic tunes. It starts out relatively tame but gets, uh, crazier as it goes on, with a sprinkling of cowbell and a whole lot of yelling.

It comes from the album we kill computers, due out April 27 via Mint.

Incidentally, these ladies fucking slay live. I reviewed them for Guttersnipe back in the fall when they stole the show from headliners Pink Mountaintops.

MP3: “Crazy”
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