Come prepared with some thick skin

Don't just lie there, prove me right!
Lester Bangs once wrote a how-to on becoming a rock critic, and he offered the following piece of advice: to pick an obscure artist and then “build ‘em up real big, they’re your babies, only you alone can perceive their true greatness, so you gotta go around telling everybody that they’re better than the Rolling Stones, they beat the Beatles black and blue, they murtelyze the Dead, they’re the most significant and profound musical force in the world. And someday their true greatness will be recognized and you will be vindicated as a seer far ahead of your time.”

Hannah Georgas is that for me. When I first stumbled upon her in concert back in December 2008, I became instantly convinced she was going to become the Hugest Thing Ever. Next Feist? Fuck that. I told anyone who would listen that Feist was going to be the old Hannah.

Hopefully my vindication is just around the corner. She’s going to be releasing her first full-length in April and, journalistic hyperbole aside, it’s pretty sweet. The album is called This Is Good, and the first video is the chamber folk creep-out “Thick Skin.”

Download the tune below and head over to Exclaim! to read my recent interview with Hannah. And be sure to peep the song’s video, featuring the songstress crawling around wearing nothing but her, uh, thick skin.

MP3: “Thick Skin”
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  1. Posted February 19, 2010 at 12:49 am | Permalink

    Wow, she’s brilliant!
    Her voice reminds a bit of Emme Polock’s voice, something in the warmth of the voice.
    Thanks for posting about her,

  2. Grant
    Posted February 20, 2010 at 3:11 am | Permalink

    I love me some Hannah G.
    Cannot wait for the new Full Release.
    OK that sounded gross, but still, I’m excited.

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    [...] songstress Hannah Georgas is on the front cover of Exclaim! and I’m one step closer to being proven right. Her debut LP, This Is Good, came out this past Tuesday, and it’s a diverse collection that [...]

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