A sole brother, an only child

The intervention would have worked better without the drinks
Born Ruffians are the best band to ever come out of Midland, Ontario. This is partly because they are the only band to ever come out of Midland, Ontario, but also because they are a good band.

Their second album, Say It, is due out on June 1 via Warp/Paper Bag. The first single is called “Sole Brother” (pun!), and it offers a pleasant if unspectacular preview of the disc. Frontman Luke Lalonde offers up some sweet guitar licks—check out the nifty riff that begins 53 seconds in—but unfortunately his bandmates never pick up the pace enough for the song to really take off.

Someone please put a techno beat behind this riff and turn it into a dancefloor jam.

MP3: “Sole Brother”
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