The elliptical condition of Tobias Grey

Not pictured: the other band member
Postdata is the side project of Wintersleep frontman Paul Murphy, who started the band as a collaboration with his brother Michael. They initially convened to record some songs as a present for their mother, and, pleased with the results, rented better equipment and set about making an official album.

The duo’s self-titled debut is due out on January 26, and it’s a hushed collection of acoustic folk songs overlayed with spacy electronics. The lead single is called “Tobias Grey,” and it’s a typically bare-bones offering. Murphy’s voice is scarcely louder than a whisper as he sings over a sparse arrangement of acoustic arpeggios and quietly purring keyboards. During the bridge, Murphy’s voice is layered with a dense wash of harmonies, which is about the closest any song on the album gets to a crescendo. This is one for the morning after.

MP3: “Tobias Grey”
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