The curse of inquisitive minds

By day, the members of Pocketbooks sell ukuleles
Belle & Sebastian is my favourite band, largely because of songwriter Stuart Murdoch’s talent for romanticizing everyday life. He rarely writes about important people or dramatic events; instead, he transforms sports training into poetry (“The Stars of Track and Field”) and finds beauty in fantastical dreams (“Judy and the Dream of Horses”).

This same attention to detail is what makes Pocketbooks‘ “Fleeting Moments” such a compelling song. As frontwoman Emma Hall sings, “I see joy within the syntax of a shop sign / Or a bus stop conversion in a West Country town.” Her lyrical minutiae are complimented with sugary melodies, jangling guitars and charmingly twee boy/girl harmonies.

It sounds more or less like Camera Obscura‘s “Keep It Clean” played at twice the speed, but this London group has such a convincing take on Scottish indie pop that no one is likely to fault them for the similarity.

MP3: “Fleeting Moments”
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