Stick up for yourself, son

Props to Enya
Ever wonder what it would sound like if the Police had spent the past 25 years hibernating inside of a computer? Probably something like “Ambling Alp,” the recent single by Brookyln experimental outfit Yeasayer. A shuddery verse gives way to a joyous, electro-reggae chorus with the inspirational message, “Stick up for yourself, son / Never mind what anybody else done.” During the bridge, it suddenly transforms into Prince-inspired glam, with soaring falsetto vocals and robotic blasts of horns and synthesizer.

If you like the tune, be sure to check out Odd Blood, due out February 9 via Secretly Canadian. If you like looking at naked people, be sure to check out the music video, which is NSFW and extremely weird.

Incidentally, Yeasayer’s MySpace features the slogan “ENYA with BOUNCE.” Which is awesome, since it’s about time Enya got her due credit from the indie crowd. Think that the Knife‘s “Silent Shout” doesn’t sound kind of like an Enya riff? You’re wrong, because it does. But I digress.

MP3: “Ambling Alp”
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