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In December, Vancouver’s Said the Whale took home a Bucky Award in the category of Most Canadian Song for the tune “Emerad Lake, AB.” A joyous romp about lake hunting on a summer’s day, it begins with jazzy, syncopated verses and a pared-down chorus of “What a fine life we are living.” This refrain eventually explodes, with thundering drums and droning horns propelling it to a euphoric conclusion.

I recently caught up with songwriter Tyler Bancroft, who explained how the funk rock outfit Hey Ocean! inspired “Emerald Lake, AB.”

CH: Where and when was the song written?
TB: Written in my bedroom just a few days after getting home from a summer tour with our friends Hey Ocean in 2008.

CH: What inspired the lyrics?
TB: The aforementioned summer tour with friends Hey Ocean was the inspiration for the song—that and the overwhelming feeling of peace and happiness that comes along with travelling in a van with a group of amazing friends, playing music, and just enjoying life in general.

CH: The first verse mentions the names Jimmy and Dave. Who are they?
TB: Jimmy was the nickname given to Hey Ocean drummer at the time, Dan Klenner. Dave could be either the bass player [Dave Vertesi] or guitar player [David Beckingham] of Hey Ocean.

MP3: “Emerald Lake, AB”
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