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I guess Zelda was already taken
Final Fantasy no longer, Owen Pallett recently released Heartland, his first album under his own name. As well as shedding his moniker, he also shed the murky production that hampered his last LP, He Poos Clouds; the vocals are no longer buried in the mix, and the combination of strings, percussion and electronics sounds gorgeous.

It’s a punchier, more immediate style, and this can be heard on the single “Lewis Takes Action,” which begins with a pounding beat that sounds halfway between a tango and “Just Like Honey” by the Jesus and Mary Chain. It builds to a gorgeous baroque arrangement, with strings and horns that vary between shimmering beauty and tense discord. It ends strangely, the final chord never resolving back to the root.

On a related note, now that Pallett has dropped the Final Fantasy name, can we say that he’s had his final fantasy as Final Fantasy? It’s thoughts like this that keep me up at night.

MP3: “Lewis Takes Action”
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